20150926_102524 Wholly Living is a health consulting and education company that is geared to help people gain optimal wellness; physically, mentally and spiritually. Great health can be achieved by all, regardless of their genetics or history there is an optimal lifestyle for everyone. The principles of Wholly Living are inspired by the original lifestyle provided to mankind in the biblical Genesis. It has been found that these biblical principles are not only essential to life but are both powerful and profound when used correctly. Such principles coupled with up and coming, current and sound scientific research are effective in achieving optimal health when used together. Wholly Living seeks to use such tools to help others gain an ideal healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

In addition, Wholly Living provides hair and skin care products designed to enhance the beauty of one’s exterior.  These body care products are natural and wholesome, with no preservatives, parabens or artificial chemicals. They are the real deal, with all of the ingredients being 100% natural. The natural beauty you have is already wonderful, Wholly Living products are there to help keep it healthy and nourished.

Wholly Living was founded by Melanie Floyd BSc, CHN (Certified Holistic Nutritionist). With her degree in biology and past career as a Cytotechnologist, she has come to find her joy in helping others with their health through educating and providing tools for optimal living. Utilizing her experience and training in cell biology she is able to educate on what makes the body thrive. She is highly passionate about sharing with others on how the cells of the body are affected by food; and helping people make the connection with the importance of food and how it can affect either the presence or absence of disease.

Wholly Living is so happy that you have decided to stop by today and hopes that this will be the first of many visits.

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