So, I have been in the baking mood for about the last 3 weeks now.  I was either going to bake oatmeal muffins or oatmeal cookies, and alas I decided on the cookies.  These taste fabulous Y’all, you’ve just gotta try them.  They are the type of cookies that make you go MMMM, YUM!  What I especially like about these cookies is that I have made it so that … Read More →

Virus Busting Tea

This cold and flu season are you looking for natural ways to combat your illnesses? Well here is a useful tip. Take 1 cup of water and a thumbnail size of ginger. Pour the water in a small pot and chop up the ginger into fine pieces.  Add the ginger to the pot of water and turn on the stove and heat the combo until it boils and you can … Read More →

What Oil is THE BEST cooking oil?


There is a growing misconception that olive oil is ideal to cook with, when the truth is that olive oil should not be heated.  Olive oil is a wonderful oil that is best eaten at room temperature. Hence, it should be added upon salads or drizzled after a hot food item has cooled down.  The reason for this is because olive oil has a special chemical nature where its molecules … Read More →

Quick Detox Tip!!!


“How you start your morning sets your momentum for the day.  Many have heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and it is, however there is something that you can do before breakfast that can set your day off right. As you stagger out of bed take a quick stop by the kitchen, grab a small pot and 1.5 cups of water and set it … Read More →