What Oil is THE BEST cooking oil?

There is a growing misconception that olive oil is ideal to cook with, when the truth is that olive oil should not be heated.  Olive oil is a wonderful oil that is best eaten at room temperature. Hence, it should be added upon salads or drizzled after a hot food item has cooled down.  The reason for this is because olive oil has a special chemical nature where its molecules contain double bonds.  These double bonds are highly reactive and if even light touches them they break down.  This is why when purchasing a bottle of olive oil, it is best to purchase it in a dark bottle.The best cooking oils are ones that can stand high heat; saturated plant oils such as coconut and palm oil are great for cooking.  The next time you cook a meal or bake, try your hand at using coconut oil or palm oil.  Your body will thank you for it!

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