Vanilla Almond Milk – Nothing Beats Homemade!!

Hey Y’all,

So I have gotten into this season of making my own almond milk, and I have found it to be absolutely wonderful.  Homemade almond milk has waaaaay less sugar than the store bought version, it smooth, tasty, wholesome and nutritious like crazy!!

Now when people think of nuts they think fat right?  And this is true, there is healthy really good fats in nuts, and we need this for good nerve function and insulation.  However, there is more than that!  Let me tell you a little something about natural almonds, they are a wonderful source of fiber, protein, calcium and magnesium.  These are the other nutrients that we don’t talk about in our precious nuts.

In one cup of almonds there is 30.24  grams of protein, 17.9 grams of fiber, 386 mg of magnesium, and an impressive 385 mg of calcium.  Not to mention there is an awesome source of vitamin E present as well at 36.65 mg a cup (a potent antioxidant).  So let me break it down, we got the protein to make us lean.  The fiber to help us with constipation and to keep our blood sugars low, the magnesium to help us stay calm and have proper nerve function.  The impressive calcium to keep our bones and teeth nice, healthy and strong; great for us adults and children.  The next time you are told that you have to drink animal milk to get sufficient calcium, consider yourself re-informed.  Nut milks are more than enough, and give that calcium boost you need.  Let’s not forget good old vitamin E which we need to maintain our beautiful skin – oh yes we do!!  It also will keep our fat cells from acting all crazy, and keep them alive by reducing oxidative stress.

Now for the delicious Vanilla Almond Milk Recipe – drum roll please………………………….

Here goes:

Ingredients and Tools:

2 cups of almonds

3 cups of water

2 inches of vanilla bean

4 dates

A Milk bag/Cheesecloth

A Food processor/Vitamix/Magic bullet/Nutri-bullet


Wash your almonds carefully, then proceed to soak them in a bowl over night.  Soak the vanilla bean and dates in another bowl overnight as well.  In the morning, pour the water off of the almonds and place 1 cup within your trusty processor/blender.  Add just enough water to cover the almonds.  Turn on your machine until the mixture becomes milky with almond bits visable (about 15 – 20 seconds).  If you have a Vitamix, don’t turn the speed dial higher than 7.  Once the milky mixture is formed turn off your processor/blender.

Take your milk bag/cheesecloth, place it over a large bowl or measuring cup and pour the milky mixture into the bag/cloth.  You will see the milk begin to separate immediately.  Then take up the bag/cloth and gently squeeze and churn the bag letting out as much of the milk as possible.  Once you are done squeezing, take the almond pulp in the bag and drop it into another bowl or in the trash if you don’t need it for another recipe.

Take 1/2 a cup of water and pour it into the processor/blender to get the remnant of nuts and liquid left over.  Add to the mix 2 dates and one inch of vanilla bean along with some of the water they soaked in (there is a nice flavour in this water now).   Turn on your machine to as high as you would like as to catch all the remnants and successfully break down the dates and vanilla.  Once mixed well, turn off the machine and pour this mixture into the bag/cloth and let it mix with the milk you just previously extracted.  Once mixed, pour this lovely milk mixture into a desired jug or container and repeat the process one more time with the last cup of almonds.

This recipe should yield about 4.5 – 5 cups of almond milk that is simply delish!!!  Try it today, and if you do, leave a comment down below and let me know how you liked it.  I can’t wait to hear from you!!  🙂

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  1. Marc says:

    This is the most informed I’ve ever been regarding home made almond milk. I have been making my own for a while but never actually realized how healthy these almonds really are! So much STUFF in just one cup! Thank you for a fun and well-informed segment.

  2. Jesse says:

    This is definitely a detailed and easy recipe to follow. I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing!

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